Bake Up Some #FlashbackFriday Fun!

And try not to eat all that fun!

I admit it – I love sugar cookies. Sometimes, I love them more than chocolate chip, especially if I’m buying them from the grocery store I prefer to shop at.  The chocolate chip cookies can be hit and miss (they aren’t always chewy, or maintain chewiness long enough), whereas the sugar cookies I get from there are always perfect.

Yesterday, I extolled my love for M&M’s of the plain variety (you know, “all the world” loves them too!), and today, it’s cookies from a certain mascot in a commercial from 2002.

The place (and date):


And the evidence…


Find out how the Cookie Thief makes retribution!


I love these cookies!


Easy (and quick!) to bake, and its back to Santa’s plate they go!


Probably should hide them from Mom The Cookie Thief as well.

Pillsbury (and its mascot,the Pillsbury Doughboy) have been making beautiful baking moments happen since 1872.  The original company, The Pillsbury Company, was purchased by General Mills in 2001, with the dry baking products and frosting being sold to Smucker Co. (yes, the jelly people) under license.  General Mills kept the refrigerated and frozen products under their umbrella.  In 2018, dry goods were acquired by Brynnwood Partners, and yes, Pillsbury products are still sold today.


Adorable little Doughboy was created by advertising agency Leo Burnett Worldwide, and is one of the agency’s top brand icons (alongside the Jolly Green Giant).


These Ready-to-Bake cookies, in Snowman and Christmas Tree variety (with designs for other holidays), are still made today.  I’m not going to tell you they’re the greatest sugar cookies known to man, but they get the job done in a pinch.  I used to leave whatever was in the cookie jar for Santa (usually Keebler or Oreo cookies), which was always easier than having to bake something special.  If they had these when I was young, I could have made the case for why Santa needed these cookies.

And yes, if I had busted my parents eating them, I would have had the same reaction as the kids in the commercial.

I don’t have children, but these days, I definitely identify more with the parents – I’d be stealing the heck out of cookies!

Christmas has officially been kicked off here on Allison’s Written Words!  There’s more to come next week as we lead up to the big day!  We’re at 19 days and counting!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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