Twizzlers Makes #ThrowbackThursday So Very Happy!

Because it’s Thursday, and we’re talking about candy!  Of course we’d be so very happy!

I guess the unofficial theme is “things that make the mouth happy” this week, because I found two different food item commercials that, while they have nothing in common in terms of what they are, and what they look like, they both are quite satisfying in their very own special way!

Today, we look to 1987 for a candy worthy of its slogan, and the inclusion of lips/the mouth and nothing more.  Because nothing else is really needed when describing the deliciousness of this product.

So strike up the band…


…and sing along with a few “so very happy” mouths!

We’re going to be Twizzler Happy, which is the best kind of happy in terms of candy happiness!



Twizzlers have been “making mouths so very happy” since 1929, when they were first manufactured by Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based Y&S Candies (now a subsidiary of The Hershey Company).  The OG flavor (which is still made today) is black licorice, but in the 1970s, Twizzlers introduced strawberry (my mom’s – and I’m sure many other’s – favorite), grape, chocolate (my personal favorite, and very hard to get!), cherry, and watermelon flavors.

Twizzlers come in several varieties – the common stick version, as well as Nibs, Twists, and Pull n’ Peel, which was introduced in 1994, as well as Twerpz and Strawz in 2004.  Limited edition and mixed flavors have been commonplace throughout the ongoing life of the Twizzler, and some of them are quite good – I love the Orange Cream ones, but nothing quite comes close to chocolate!

Quite frankly, I don’t know a life without Twizzlers in it.  This candy has been a mainstay in my parents’ pantry throughout my life, starting when I was very young, and going right through my adulthood.  I’m pretty sure there are Twizzlers in there right now.  As an adult, I’ve gone to the movies with my husband and our friends (we come as a group of six whenever all of us go somewhere, seven if my friend’s 14-year-old son comes too), and my friend Heather has passed a giant bag of Twizzlers down the row through our group.  We even did this during an all-day planning meeting back when I started at my current job – our training director sent one of those giant bags around the room during the time most people begin to struggle.

I know not everyone likes the flavor or texture of Twizzlers, but for me, they’ve always been a part of my candy-eating habits.  I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

Sure there’s been (in my interpretation) imitations (I mean, has anyone ever traded anything for a Switzer?), but the stiff competition of the Twizzler goes on and on.

Quite frankly, I’d never even heard of a Switzer until I saw that commercial two years ago.  Apparently, they still exist (I found their website), but do you ever see these on shelves?

I never have.  Means nothing, but I just have never known about them.  But a Twizzler, that I’ve always known.


Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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