Tales From the Care Bears: “Sweet Dreams for Sally”

The Care Bears continue their mission of helping kids solve kid problems, in their Tales from the Care Bears book series by Parker Brothers!

Last week, after talking about the Care Bears book series published by Parker Brothers (they of the board games) in 1983 and 1984, I teased a two-part article featuring two of these stories as “bonus features” on reissued late 1980s prints of The Care Bears In the Land Without Feelings.  The stories feature narration, still frames of the pages of the book, and the instrumental theme song of the two original Care Bears specials, “The Care Bears Care About You,” along with incidental music from Land Without Feelings and The Care Bears Battle The Freeze Machine.

I’m assuming these served as a way of promoting the stories, and no other stories (other than the two featured at the end of the video) were released in this format.

Though after watching this, it would have been super cute.

Anyway, meet Sally.


In the first story of the Tales From the Care Bears book series, Sally has a huge problem…she can’t sleep!  Her room makes noises, familiar objects look terrifying, and the dark…is so dark.  Sally spends a sleepless night worrying about what lurks in the dark.  The repercussions of a sleepless night are huge for Sally…

Missed words on spelling tests, fights with friends, dropped turtle food…nothing goes right for Sleepy Sally!  On top of all of this, she is grouchy, which in the Care Bears universe, requires a visit from Grumpy Bear.

He doesn’t like that Sally is so grouchy, so he offers up a solution in the form of another Care Bears visitor, Bedtime Bear!


Find out how Bedtime Bear remedies Sally’s sleeping troubles, in Sweet Dreams for Sally!

The animation is super cute (much better than The Land Without Feelings), and features the help of Dream and Grumpy Bears, who aide Sally in preparing for a (desperately needed) good night’s sleep.


Next week, Melissa has suspicions about that one neighbor (don’t we all have that one neighbor?) in the second Tales from the Care Bears story!

Have a great day!

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