Tales from the Care Bears: “The Witch Down The Street”

Another warm and fuzzy story straight from the Tales from the Care Bears series awaits you!

Last week, in the first of two “bonus goodies” at the end of Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings, entitled Sweet Dreams for Sally, Sally is having trouble sleeping at night.

The consequences of her fear of the dark are disastrous for Sally in her daily life.  Bedtime and Grumpy Bear are there to help guide her to a good night’s sleep.

In today’s story, a young lady learns the consequences of believing a lie, and a few special friends show her how to counter that lie and give someone a little extra friendship.


Melissa used to visit her neighbor, Mrs. Burke, frequently until she started school. Her friends at school tell Melissa that the older lady is in fact…a witch!

Melissa is taught a lesson by three special friends, who remind her that Mrs. Burke isn’t a witch, but instead is an older woman who needs a little friendship.

Can Love-A-Lot, Birthday, and Funshine Bears teach Melissa how to be a good friend to someone who would value her friendship?

Screenshot (406)

Click play and find out, in The Witch Down the Street!

The same narrator from the introductory segment, as well as Sweet Dreams for Sally, brings Funshine, Love-A-Lot, and Birthday Bears to life, as they guide Melissa on the right path to bringing friendship to someone who needs it most.  The instrumental version of “Care Bears Care About You,” also heard in the previous story, plays under this tale of friendship.

The animation in this book is equally cute, and like Sweet Dreams for Sally, is a nice contrast to the animation in The Land Without Feelings.   The story teaches a nice, if slightly saccharin lesson in not thinking negative of someone, despite what others may say.

Screenshot (409)

As always, the lesson is an important one, and not only does Mrs. Burke gain an old friend back, but Melissa does the right thing.  The real shame was she couldn’t show the other misguided classmates this.

Screenshot (410)

The real shame is that there weren’t more of these made for their own home video releases.  The stories are cute, and the narration is relaxing and gentle.  As a kid, I would have loved being able to watch videos of these when I wasn’t able to read them.  But still, a nice – and exceptionally rare – treat from the early days of the Care Bears.

I hope you enjoyed this cute little story as much as my nostalgic heart did.  🙂  Have a great day!

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