1. I remember the silver Spider-Man end credits. That was fun; I remember being impressed with the graphics. Compared to today’s CG animation it’s not so hot, but not does it bring back memories! Thanks for the post! 😃

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    1. It brings back amazing memories. It always looked great for its time, and even scared me. I couldn’t figure out who that silver creature was reaching toward the screen! (I was young and had no concept of Spider-Man yet!)


  2. You gave us some rather informative blog posts every Tuesday throughout May. I actually remember some of the logos that you were talking about, including the Marvel Productions Logo, which you talked about in today’s blog post. I saw the tail end of it at the end of “Muppet Babies.”

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  3. There was another Hasbro line of toys called MASK, I’m not sure if this was part of Marvel Productions or not. MASK and GI Joe were 2 of my favorites. Was there anything better than getting up on Saturday mornings, getting a bowl of overly sugared cereal and sitting in from of the TV for hours watching cartoons? Why did I ever want to grow up?

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