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Semi-New Weekly Article: Do You Remember? Tuesdays

Yes, you remember Tuesdays.  That’s just the uncreative way I was able to name this!

If you’ve been visiting Allison’s Written Words lately, you’ve probably noticed a new weekly series of articles of the nostalgic sort, but around different (and sometimes obscure) aspects of our very nostalgic past.

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Montgomery Ward: The Brand Name Savings Store

Let’s close out defunct retail month on Do You Remember Tuesdays with something not on the east coast, and not something I’m not personally vested in nostalgia for.  However, it is a retailer I’ve heard of, if only through watching commercials from Chicago-area broadcasts of the past (thanks Fuzzy Memories!)

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Did You Make a Great Choice At Old Country Buffet?

We’re wrapping up restaurant month on Allison’s Written Words, with a visit to another buffet-concept restaurant that has seen its locations dwindle in recent years.

Grab your appetite and a plate, we’re going for crazy combinations we would never eat at home!

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