Make a Run for the #FlashbackFriday, It’s A Celebration of Food!

Oh yum!

In our continuing celebration (of food!) in honor of Cinco De Mayo, we’re moving on from Cheez Whiz and nachos to Mexican chain restaurants.  In this offering, I have not one, but two commercials.  One chain is alive and well, and so is the other…but not in the United States.

In this double offering from 1989, we’re talking awesome deals on allegedly delicious Mexican meals!

We’re talking 49 cent tacos from Taco Bell…



We’re talking the Cancun Special at Chi-Chi’s for $6.95…


Which is far less than an actual trip to Cancun (in 1989 dollars)…


Plus, fried ice cream!


Can Cancun, Mexico do that?!

Hungry yet?


Then click play, the offers of food await!

Taco Bell (in business since) continues to operate (as of 2015) 7000 locations around the world.  The tacos don’t cost 49 cents anymore, but their prices are still not bad.  I particularly like their Doritos Tacos and Mexican Pizza, which looks gross, but tastes awesome!

Chi-Chi’s continues to operate restuarants in Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait by Tumbleweed Inc.  The company ceased operations on restaurants in the United States in Canada in 2004, though there was one location that operated in Utah until 2011.  I used to eat at Chi-Chi’s in my area frequently.  Today, it is a Golden Corral, though it was something else before that, because Golden Corral only opened about seven or eight years ago.

I should mention that there was a Sizzler’s across the street from that Chi-Chi’s location, which makes life even sadder.

However, Chi-Chi’s lives on in their grocery items (owned by Hormel), especially salsa.  My mom actually still buys their salsa to this day.



I’ve had that lunch buffet, it’s awesome!!!

So there you have it, two commercials for the price of one Flashback Friday, offering “Mexican” food at good prices.  1989 prices.  But still, good prices by today’s standards!

Have a great Flashback Friday, and a fantastic weekend!


  1. Fantastic post! There is a Taco Bell restaurant near my home … and I occasionally go there.

    I would like to ask you a Taco Bell-related question. Did you know that they once sold Seafood Salad there in the ’80s? They don’t sell it anymore.


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