When Star Wars Meets Arrested Development…

Happy Star Wars Day, readers!  May the fourth be with you!

You know, I think I’ve found one of my favorite parodies EVER, of ANYTHING!

Recently, director Ron Howard recorded a narration, a la Arrested Development, to create a plot that crosses Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope with…Arrested Development.

The result, you ask?

Check it out!

Not since watching all the riffed commercials from Stars Wars Holiday Special (or the actual special, with riffing) have I ever laughed this hard at anything involving Star Wars.

No, I do not laugh at Star Wars.  Just the thinly-veiled attempts to capitalize on it.  You know, like the Star Wars Holiday Special.

If you haven’t seen that yet, you may be surprised that it seemed like Harrison Ford needed work.

I don’t believe it either.

Anyway, May the fourth (and Friday!) be with you!


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