The Marvelous Microwave In-A-Minute #ThrowbackThursday!

It is only a miracle if it slices, dices, and makes julienne fries!

Ok, fine.  It can be microwavable liquid cheese in a glass jar.

I’m not picky.

On Allison’s Written Words, we are celebrating Cinco De Mayo with a few ads from the archives.  First up, a 1986 ad for Kraft’s other cheesiest creation!

But first, things bought by the thousands in a minute…

And the miracle of microwaving CheezWhiz in a minute…

Press play to see the miracle unfold!

Wait a minute (see what I did there?!), what’s that fine print say?


This ad sits on a throne of lies!  It can take up to 1 1/2 minutes to cook?!  But it says one minute!!!!


Oh who cares…it’s cheese.  We can give it a pass.


The cauliflower rejoices!

Kraft has been making Cheez Whiz since late 1952, and the product is still going strong today, coming in seven varieties, and still not containing actual cheese.

But as I found at the movie theater recently, pretzel bites never tasted so amazing when dipped in Cheez Whiz!

So yeah, a good way to end this throwback to the archives…a product that still exists!!!!!  Come back tomorrow, when I give you not one, but two commercials that sorta scream Cinco De Mayo.  I’m sure there’s cheese involved, but probably not Cheez Whiz.

Have a great Throwback Thursday!


Not real cheese, and not real cooking time.


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