The Fastest Growing Name in #ThrowbackThursday

Happy Administrative Professionals Week to all the Pros who keep the office moving and the time crunches not seem so time crunchy.

Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day (Related Readings: “The Typewriter”: Office Equipment As A Musical Instrument and Print Advertising of Yesteryear: The #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay Edition).  I think I spent more time yesterday looking at advertisements for typewriters and how to be the perfect Secretary than I have in eight years as an Administrative Professional.

Today, in honor of the week being all about the Pro, I’m looking at yet another advertisement for a typewriter, except this is a 1985 typewriter, in a 1985 world where catching a flight in an hour didn’t mean you better not be waiting in the security line at the airport, but at your gosh darn gate for your flight.  Being in your office making last minute changes to a document one hour before your flight in 2018?  Don’t make me laugh!

Never underestimate the power of an Administrative Professional…with a Canon AP-300 Electric Typewriter!

By all means, click play and watch the drama unfold!


Where did he get that flower from?  Such a convenient plot point!


My office still has a typewriter in it – we keep it in the Fiscal office, and it gets some use by some of our staff.  I myself used one to do a few things in my very first (short-lived) stint as a Secretary/Receptionist fresh out of college. I’ve never used the one at my current job, but it is an electric typewriter and feels a little more modern.

Or, as modern as electric typewriters could possibly look.

Take my word for it, I’ve never gotten close enough to get a look at it.

And there you have it, time crunch deadlines solved by the awesome powers of the Professional…and the Canon AP-300 Electric Typewriter.


Did you thank a Pro yesterday?  Only today and tomorrow left to do so, but appreciate us everyday!

Oh, and remember this motto: “Don’t piss off the Secretary!”

Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

Have a great Throwback Thursday, and I’ll be back tomorrow with an unrelated commercial from the archives!  The lovely young ladies in that commercial are professionals at something else.

Not what you think (seriously?).

Come back tomorrow and see what I’m actually talking about!

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