#FlashbackFriday and the Rockers…The Sticker Album!

We’re into Barbie…and STICKERS!

For someone who was never huge on Barbie back in the day, she certainly finds her way here a lot, but it is probably because I have more Barbie commercials than I should, and definitely more commercials than Barbie dolls.

Remember Colorforms? You could stick and re-stick little pictures of your favorite characters into a scene, creating many different scenarios.  I wish we were talking about Colorforms, but we are actually talking about their much stickier, more permanent cousin, the sticker.

In 1987, Panini (not to be confused with the delicious sandwich) created a sticker book for Mattel’s sweetheart, sold on the cheap, with packs of tradeable STICKERS.  You could even create a stage scene with your collected stickers!




Want to see the awesomeness of a sticker book unfold?  Click play!

(Please note that the audio is a little out of sync.  I’m not sure what happened during the tape-to-digital transfer process.)

We’re into Barbie, and Panini is into licensing characters from other companies!


I can’t believe Mattel didn’t beat them to this, but maybe they saw dollar signs and reconsidered.  I’m not sure how long the sticker book was on the market, but Panini is still in business today, producing books, comic books, stickers, trading cards, and trading card games.


But they don’t have to know this.  They just know they’re into Barbie!

I think that about does it for this week!  Hope you enjoyed this little trip into the archives, and will be back next week for more!

Have a great weekend!

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#FlashbackFriday and the Rockers!


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