#MusicMonday – January 15, 2018

It’s time for a very chilly Music Monday!

So, last week, we were dealing with the aftermath of a snowy early January.

This week, we’re sticking with a wintry theme, but this time, moving to something instrumental and classic.

I’ve made many mentions about liking David Foster and his music.  In fact, one of his songs, 1988’s “Piano Concerto in G”  (from The Symphony Sessionswas the subject of one of the earliest Music Monday song choices).  His music is the stuff that moves, that makes you listen…

It’s also the music of The Weather Channel’s Local Forecast.

I know you’re going to recognize today’s song immediately!

1986 saw the release of David Foster’s self-titled album (his first major label debut), mainly instrumental (a style Foster is known and revered for), along with two duet-style songs featuring vocals from Foster.  This is a rare thing, folks.  Foster is the type of person who writes the songs that make the other artists sing, not the other way around.

Anyway, today’s song fits the type of winter itself, “Flight of the Snowbirds.”

snowbirds-2Or so you would think.

The song is actually inspired by the Canadian Forces aerobatic flying team, called Snowbirds.


Foster himself was made an honorary member.  I bet it had something to do with this song.

And about that inspired thing…Foster seems to have plenty of genius inspiration when it comes to his music.

This album is also notable because it includes four members of the band Chicago (haha, thought you were getting away easy, didn’t you?), the horn section – Lee Loughnane, Walt Parazaider, and James Pankow on “Playing With Fire” (this song was the subject of a Retroist article), and future Chicago drummer Tris Imboden provided the drum overdubs.  Imboden was David Foster and Kenny Loggins’ drummer at the time, in those pre-Chicago days (he would join the group in 1990).

In all, the album is incredible, and I highly recommend it, if you like instrumental music with a flair of classical and contemporary.  Foster is not one to disappoint, and his genius totally shines through with this album.

And now, for your chilly Monday, “Flight of the Snowbirds.”

Have a great rest of your Monday, and enjoy the music!

If you like what you’ve seen, consider clicking on the album cover to see the rest of the album’s offerings – it is available through Amazon’s Unlimited Streaming on the Amazon Music app.  If you prefer physical media, the CD is still in print!


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