Sweet, Watercolor #FlashbackFriday…

…of the way we were!

As you’ve obviously surmised by now, the theme this week is “what do you record your memorable stuff on?”  Yesterday, George Carlin had one simple request for you, while pitching Fuji Videotape (“The Good Stuff!”)…


That’s it, nothing difficult, time consuming, or hard to grasp.

That said…

I have lots and lots of videocassettes.  I’ve recorded my fair share of talk show appearances, Saturday Night Live episodes (the majority of my VHS collection recorded between 1997 and 2006 is just that), movies, and such.  I made the switch to DVD recording in 2006, and finally DVR in 2013.  I’ve always loved setting my VCR timer when I was at work or school, and then coming home and having something to watch.

Coincidentally, I’ve only found two Kodak videocassettes in my collection, the rest are TDK.  I think that was the brand that always worked best for me, plus they had these amazing 9 hour tapes that my current VCR seems to hate.


Today, we’ll go back from 1988 to 1985, and to another company vying for your consumer-grade blank videocassette-buying dollars.


This ad talks about all the memories we’ve witnessed, and all of them being captured on the best quality videocassette possible.


Go on, click play.  Relive the memories! This is one of the commercials from my boyfriend’s videos, coincidentally, none of which were Kodak.

*wipes away non-existent tear* That was beautiful!


I like the song used in the commercial – even in 1985, the feeling of nostalgia was not lost on advertisers.  It’s 2017 and I’m sitting here all mushy and “MEMORIES!” all over the place over a commercial pulling on the nostalgic heartstrings in 1985.  It’s nice to know nostalgia never goes out of style…even when the commercial trying to be nostalgic becomes the pice of nostalgia.

That sentence made sense, I swear!

Anyway, there you have it, another trip into the archives, and the bringer of your end of the week.

Thanks, as always, for visiting, reading, and watching.  And thank you again for your support over the last 1000 (now 1000-plus) posts!

Have a great weekend!

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