Post 1001: The Big Thank You!

Well, we’ve done it.


Short of shouting it from an actual rooftop (because I’ve shouted it from the social media version already), having a parade, and throwing confetti in the air (which is the more affordable version of celebrating), we’re celebrating 1000 posts.

For me, this is a pretty big deal – 18 months and 1000 posts later, I’m proud of the progress that I’ve never not only made as a writer, but also in hosting my blog and seeing a large committment through.

How happy am I?  When I anticipated the point where my blog would hit 1000 posts, I recorded this video as my means of thanking everyone.  I am finally getting comfortable with being in front of a camera, and I have this blog to thank!

Here’s to many more…perhaps 1000? 😀

We shall see!

How about going back to #1, published on May 14, 2015?

Jem and the Holograms Trailer – First Impression


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