The Nielsen Diaries…

Guess who got bribed?

When I was a Communication Studies major in college, one of my professors told us about how Nielsen uses incentives to entice potential participants to keep a diary of their listening and viewing habits.  This was in 2003 – for me, the internet was more of a research tool than a method of evil (like it is today 😉 ), I listened to the radio alot (it got me through hours of researching and writing papers).

We even watched a NOVA episode from the early 1990s about how the Nielsen system worked.  It was all fascinating if this was your major.  This type of research is naturally a Communication major’s kind of thing. For me, that still holds true today, and 14 years after learning all about the Nielsen system, my opportunity arrived!


In furthering my theory that I can, in fact, be bought and sold, my mom handed me this envelope (I moved, and it arrived at my parents’ address.  That crisp $1 bill, the prospect of participating in something I learned about in college (toward a degree I only really use for methods of evil – *unsubtle wink*), stuff like this makes me ever so slightly giddy.

I filled out the survey, so I should be receiving my journal soon, so you best believe there will be a follow up!

Oh, and that $1 bought me delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 🙂


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