#FlashbackFriday…To Keep Your Younger Guests Entertained

Because this was a time when kids didn’t bring their tablets and phones and sit around and not socialize.

1998 was a simpler time.  Holiday gatherings with a dog in the house meant all the kids would follow him and try to dress him up.  In 2017, that dog would be left along, and those smaller guests would be just sitting around, playing their video games like mindless zombies.

I’d rather see them running after the dog.

An actual reenactment of what being a kid in the 1990s was all about.


And what the dog had to look forward to.

What the madness unfold when you click play!

IKEA is advertising toys starting at the insanely low price of $4.95 (can’t imagine what they’re selling), so this won’t happen to the family pet.


Dammit, IKEA!  Can you stop needing to advertise that things require assembly?  Not everything does!

After seeing what these kids did to this dog, I remind myself that while my dog never minds being dressed, she doesn’t like kids.  Especially ones like these.


“Doggie!  Doggie!  Doggie!”


Again, by now, it’s November 1998.

And everything requires assembly.  Got it, IKEA.

Well, at least we’re ending the week on a high note, because IKEA is still in business to this day.  According to their website, they don’t sell toys, but they do sell grocery items.


Oh well.  At least in 1998, this problem wasn’t a problem.

Have a great weekend!

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