#ThrowbackThursday (And Everything Else) You Need For Your Holidays

Don’t want to shortchange anyone, right?

Leading up to the major fall/winter holidays, time can be stressful.  You make a list, you check everything you need (probably twice), you spend a ton of time cooking, preparing, decorating.  It’s all perfect at the moment you make the toast…


And then you realize something is wrong…

Yeah, this problem.

But alas, someone – rather, a store – is there to help!

Click play and find out who is there to help!

I thought family is supposed to ask if extra chairs are needed?


And how typical of IKEA – a folding chair requiring assembly!


And by “now,” this was November 1998.

Again, with the requiring assembly!

I’ve been to IKEA before, I was ten years old, and I seriously didn’t appreciate it in the least.  Now, I’m 100% sure I’d be all fascinated about it in the same way the furniture showroom at JC Penney fascinated me as a kid.  I’m not sure why IKEA didn’t fascinate me in the same way then, but here nor there.

And there you have it, your Throwback Thursday, with one thing we can scratch off our “Holiday Needs” list.  Tomorrow, Flashback Friday will remind you of something else you never thought you’d need, but probably should have on hand.

Damn you, IKEA!

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