“I Ain’t Afraid Of No #ThrowbackThursday!”

Spiders, bees, and the unknown yes, but never Throwback Thursday!

Movie and cartoon merchandise tie-ins are not new or novel, but in the mid-1980s, they were standard-setting.  High on fun and low on educational value, the cartoons we grew up with were little more than 30-minute toy commercials.  We weren’t educated on values (ok, some cartoons did this), but we were thoroughly entertained/brainwashed.


One of those movie/cartoon merchandise tie-ins that my brother and I were completely sucked into was the Ghostbusters stuff.

My brother had the car, the Proton Pack, the trap, assorted rubber ghosts to fall victim to the trap, and even those awesome goggles.

I have pictures, but I’ll be nice and not share them.

Anyway, there was another toy (the only one he probably didn’t have) called the GhostZapper…


And it did something super cool!  Why don’t you press play and see for yourself?

That’s right, it projects ghosts on the wall for you to destroy!

Not only could you project the ghosts, you would zap them into oblivion.


I ain’t afraid of no…


Sneaky little bastard!

OMG, this is awesome!!!!!!


And it’s new…from Kenner!

And there you have it, a glance into things that go bump in the night in the world of toylines.  On Flashback Friday, we’ll explore a different bump in the night toyline that (for once!) didn’t have its own cartoon.





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