#MusicMonday – August 28, 2017

I may actually be on vacation, but the beat goes on for this Music Monday!

As it should!

I don’t like taking time off when it comes to my blog, I’ve taken it upon myself to schedule posts and write them all in advance.

That said…

Two weeks ago, on Music Monday…

Screenshot (1013)

Loving lovers loved on Mystery Science Theater 3000, when Pearl Forrester (Mary Jo Pehl) and Brain Guy (Bill Corbett) sang a duet in the spirit of Public Broadcasting pledge drive programming.

Two weeks later, Music Monday involves a song that wasn’t sung by anybody on MST3K (unless you count riffing), but was featured/joked about on MST3K.

Quite frankly, I can’t find a damn thing about this song. Even worse, I can’t find anything about the singer.  It’s not like this name is a common one (shifts eyes). It’s not like there is a celebrated voice actor with the same name.  It’s not like here is anoter well-known song with the same title that is actually a love song…

Where was I?

Anyway, “You Better Run” (the Not Love Song version) was the end credits song from the 1984 film Final Justice, starring Joe Don “Mitchell” Baker as a Texas Sheriff (I’m buying it!) who travels to Malta to find the mobster that killed his partner. That scene was quite interesting for its clunky editing (we got to watch the guy get shot twice…except it was the same shot).

The song, you ask?  “You Better Run.”

No, really, that’s the song!

And because Joe Don Baker movies (and songs from those movies) are always better with riffing…

You’ll have this song stuck in your head ALL DAY LONG!

Happy Music Monday!

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