#ThrowbackThursday Still Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!

It wasn’t afraid on a previous Throwback Thursday, and it’s still not afraid!

Why should it be?!

On that aforementioned previous Throwback Thursday, two young Ghosbusters (who weren’t afraid of no ghosts!) fought of the spiritual menaces with the aid of this ghost zapper…



Today, we’re watching a commercial for The Real Ghostbusters toys that doesn’t promote any one specific toy, but rather, several different ones from the then-current line.



And when you click play, you’ll also not be afraid of no  ghosts!

Damn you double negatives!!!

I could never imagine the Ecto Plazm going over well in any house.  Can you imagine cleaning that up from the carpeting?


My brother had a bunch of those rubber ghosts – we used to put them in the trap!

And here ends the Throwback Thursday portion of our Halloween-esque commercials from 1987.  Coming up tomorrow on Flashback Friday, our final installment of retro horror movie trailers!

I’m not afraid of no ghosts.  I live in more fear of Ecto Plazm making a mess than anything!

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