#ThrowbackThursday Found the Beef!

Oh yes it did.

Let’s celebrate!

But instead of cake, we’re having spaghetti.  And we’re having it with a special guest…


Remember this lovely young lady?

Sure you do!

This is Clara Peller, and if you grew up in the 1980s, you’re probably familiar with her oh-so-famous inquiry in this Wendy’s commercial from 1984:

Ms. Peller was a manucurist who rose to sudden fame in her early 80s immediately upon her utterance of the abrupt line “Where’s the beef?!”, and made commercials and movie appearances based around her feisty nature.

In 1985, Clara appeared in another commercial to declare that she had, in fact, found the beef…in Prego Plus Pasta sauce varieties.  And while this was great for her star power, Wendy’s dismissed her from her contract, due to the implication that she found the beef someplace other than Wendy’s.


In pasta sauce.

Do these look like hamburgers to you?  Does any of this look like a competing fast food restaurant?

They hit a slump after that.  No shocker as to why that would have happened.

But, for your viewing pleasure, this 1985 ad found in the archives belonging to my boyfriend (and his two VHS tapes), is Ms. Peller and her declaration!

Go on, click play!

Ms. Peller died two years later, but her catchphrase lives on as 1980s lexicon.  We’ll never forget to wonder where the beef is when we’re shorted the perfectly-sized hamburger.


Not only did Clara find the beef, she found the Sam’s Club-times-ten size sauce she’s always dreamed of!  All the beef in the world is in there!

Come back tomorrow, when we look at another commercial from the archives!  Plus, it will be Friday!

“I found the beef!”


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