We’re The Proud #ThrowbackThursday

Are you a picky eater who demands perfection from their food?

I’d like to think I’m one of those people who demands very little from the food I eat, as long as it isn’t made from the foods I’m allergic to (which is anything related to peaches), or isn’t overdosed in cheese.  Don’t get me wrong, I love cheese, but too much of it just feels obnoxious.

However, there is never such a thing as too much chocolate, bacon, french fries, or popcorn.

One food I particularly love is the pickle.  It’s vinegar-y, crunchy taste adds so much to food.  I love it on my burgers, chicken sandwiches, as a spear next to my wrap in a diner, and yes, just plain old by itself.  I LOVE the huge pickles in the barrel at the deli counter.  That is good eating!

That said, I’m not a Passionate Pickle Eater Who Demands Perfection.  Just as long as it is a dill and not bread and butter, I’m very happy.  Today’s commercial is proof that not everyone is as easygoing as I am.

I dug through the archives of 1001 Classic Commercials for today’s product ad, which is from 1965.  In it, we have an elderly woman, dressed to the nines to eat at her favorite restaurant…

Where she offered a plate of pickles.


She’s delighted at the prospect of pickles!

But wait, there’s a problem…


This is not Passionate Pickle Eater Satisfaction!

See how she reacts to this problem, when you click play!

So, um…yeah.  This happened.


All this because someone didn’t serve our woman the right pickle.


Specifically, Heinz Pickles.  The perfect, proud pickle!

Our Passionate Pickle Eater has found total perfection in the pickles she demanded.


Even Heinz is proud of their pickles!

So, moral of the story, my friends: Always serve the right pickles.  The proud pickles.  Because ladies like this exist.

Not since the “Where’s the beef?” lady has the perfect food been so heavily sought (spoiler alert, it wasn’t just a hamburger she sought out!) by an older lady.

Heinz Pickles are the basis of “Heinz 57,” which stands for “57 Pickle Varieties.”  This was introduced in a marketing slogan in 1896.  The company continues to manufacture its many types of pickles, to the delight of Passionate Pickle Eaters Who Demand Perfection…

Like this lady.


Who hasn’t made that face over a food they truly love…or trashed a restaurant over not giving you the food you love in the exact way you want it?

Anyway, there you have it.  Pickles for the truly passionate.  Tomorrow, another foodstuff of passions and perfection!

Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday!

And for the love of everything holy, don’t mess with this lady!

Pickle Lady…SMASH!

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