“Boy Does #ThrowbackThursday Look Good!”

And if by “good,” you mean “like a dork,” then you’re doing it right!

I love car commercials, specifically, older car commercials.  There is something about watching a car commercial from childhood that just makes me smile.  Familiar jingles, bragging rights of having a lower price over the competition, and catchy slogans make for a totally immersive experience. And when I’m in my archives, immersed is one thing I like to be.  Oh yeah, that was also Tuesday’s Daily Post Writing Prompt.

When I think of one car manufacturer that has entertained me consistently with their jingles (second only to Chevy’s Heartbeat of America, of course!), hands down it has to be Toyota.  Chevy may be the “heartbeat of America,” but Toyota wanted to know “who could ask for anything more,”people “loved what the car did for them,” and of course, the “everyday people” ads.  There is something about the power of advertising when the jingles and slogans are just done right.  They’re still doing it right with “Let’s go places!” (used since 2012), but their mid-1980s slogan does it for me.

Case in point…

Beginning in 1985, Toyota asked potential buyers “who could ask for anything more!” when showing people what their cars could do.  And in 1986, we got a car owner and his Celica GTX.

By day, the car handles every turn and necessity the driver has…


But at night…


“Boy do I look good!”

Would you agree?  Click play to find out!

And because I found another commercial of the same vein…this bonus “episode!”

In this 1987 ad, which aired about six months after the “Boy, do I look good!” ad, people come into a clearing in the forest, where apparently a Toyota Camry lives and thrives.

Apparently, the 1987 Toyota Camry is something of a mythical figure?

…you wonder?

Why of course!

And if catchy car commercial slogans are your bag, just wait till you see what tomorrow has to offer!  Throwback Thursday’s younger sibling, Flashback Friday, will bring you more car fun from the 1980s with ANOTHER equally catchy slogan/jingle combo.  All will be revealed then!

Who can ask for anything more?!


Not him, he’s got everything he needs!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!


  1. Some of the car commercials from the 1980s are fantastic.

    In the mid ’80s, whenever Ford was introducing the Ford Taurus for the first time, they did a commercial about it. The jingle’s singers sang, “Taurus…For Us!” The announcer in the commercials was Ernie Anderson from ABC!

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