#ThrowbackThursday/#FlashbackFriday – #SuperBowlSunday Bonus!

Who says you can’t have Throwback Thursday and its younger sibling, Flashback Friday, on a Sunday?

Well, no one said it.  But the Super Bowl gives it a reason to be seen!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, followers!

So you’re probably getting ready to watch the game, the commercials, or Lady Gaga.  Or you’re just going to hang out at a Super Bowl Party, where you’ll do all of this, but with more people around.  I myself am going to a Super Bowl party at my boyfriend’s condo complex clubhouse, but I couldn’t help but share this lovely bonus block of commercials.

This collection of ads comes from January 24, 1998, the night before Super Bowl XXXII, and aired during one of the many Saturday Night Live specials to air in the late 1990s during the show’s actual time slot, and not in a primetime slot.  This one was Saturday Night Live Sports Extra.

Lots of low car payments, promos for shows you probably watched in 1998, giant cell phones, movie previews, and Pentium II processors to go around.

And the sequel to the Budweiser frogs, the lizards!

Screenshot (929).png

Ain’t commercial archives great?!

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday, but not before enjoying the commercials! 🙂


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