#ThrowbackThursday To The Super Bowl…Commercials!

When I was thinking of what I wanted to aim for with this week’s Throwback/Flashback, I figured the most appropriate theme was the Super Bowl; specifically, the commercials.

I’m giving my archives the week off (though last year, I did feature a block of my own commercials from the night before Super Bowl XXXII in 1998 during an airing of Saturday Night Live Sports Extra), to show you a countdown of the 15 Greatest Super Bowl commercials, as compiled by TotalProSports (YouTube user TPS).

This is definitely one of the best compilations I’ve found recently, and while it gives credence to more contemporary offerings, the one time all ads are nostalgic are the ones that air during the Super Bowl.

So let’s enjoy multi-million dollar ad revenue at its finest, by clicking play.

Did any of your favorites make TotalProSports’ list?

Check back tomorrow for Flashback Friday, where I tell you about a few of my favorite Super Bowl ads!

Screenshot (1062).png

Thanks Mean Joe!

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