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We all have a favorite Super Bowl commercial.  We also all have one commercial we’ve been able to relate to at least some point in our lives. had a Super Bowl commercial that managed to do just that for me.

One of my favorite Super Bowl commercials from recent years was an ad that didn’t tug the heartstrings or make me run out and buy a computer, but instead made me say “OH MY GOD, THAT’S ME!” on every possible level.

Except for this one, because animal cruelty isn’t funny.


Don’t worry, he’s animatronic.  No koalas got punched.

To find out all the signs that perhaps it is time to find another job, go ahead and click the play button below.


This commercial hits on all the right spots of the reality versus fantasy that many feel when they want another job.  And while all of the fantasy stuff seems pretty extreme, the reality sometimes is the reality of a job we don’t like.  I remember this ad airing early in the final year and thinking it was so much truth. Although I will say (and this is true of both my last job and my current job), I don’t/didn’t work next to someone clipping their toenails while wearing a purple “grape smuggler” or someone who calls me a dummy everyday.

Even that one boss that I swore wasn’t a fan of me at my last job didn’t call me a dummy.


Well, not to my face.

Long story short, I only stayed at my last job the year the commercial aired, and by 2010, I was working in a job where I’ve not only gotten respect, but I haven’t felt the need to fantasize about dolphin riding or screaming in a car.  Anytime I do feel this way, there’s a vacation coming up.

I’ve also never had the urge to punch small animals.


Do you have a Super Bowl Commercial (or any commercial) that you have ever felt was speaking to you?

Enjoy the game…and the commercials!


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