#FlashbackFriday Has Spring Fever…For Buying a Camry?

We made it to Friday!

I seriously didn’t think it would EVER happen this week!

It’s been a week, long on craziness, short on time, energy, patience, happiness, and chocolate.

Yes, chocolate.

I mean, there was chocolate, but it never feels like enough when you’re feeling the pings of hectic life catching up to you.  Oh, and on Wednesday I kept thinking it was Thursday.  Because why not?

So, the first day of spring happens on Sunday, and I’m hearing reports of snow.  Am I shocked by this?  Not really.  I live in New Jersey, not New England or the Midwest, but yet, the idea of snow on the first day of spring is not a huge surprise to me.  Again, because why not?

So, we went off common themes this week in favor of excitement over Indiana Jones, and now with spring, I figured I had something spring-y in my archives.  And that’s ok, because next week, I promise a theme.

But this week…

Ahhh, spring…when lovers begin to think about…

Buying a Camry?!

Screenshot (45)

What? Is that what lovers think about in spring?!

And faster than you can say “next level,” we’re thrown into a Toyota dealership, as “Good Lovin'” plays under the scenes of people shopping the Toyota Spring Drive Sales Event for the all-important Camry!

Screenshot (46)

Yes, spring has sprung, and Toyota’s then slogan “I love what you do for me!  Toyota!” interrupts the music, which just continues to play under the slogan.  Um song, you’re getting in the way of our slogan!

Screenshot (48)

And now, witness the ultimate lover’s decision…by pressing play!

Now, which Camry to get?

And there you have it, the ultimate end to our crazy week, the end of our thankfully uneventful winter…and the snow we didn’t get all winter happening on the first day of spring.

Can’t have everything we want, can we?

Have a great weekend!

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