Bad Death Scenes: Funny in Any Language

I love a good Bad Movie – they’re terrible, they’re fun, they’re terribly fun, and well…they’re terrible.

Trust me, trying to explain the appeal of a Bad Movie isn’t exactly a science, complete with lots of words. All of the appeal is on the surface.

This morning, I was cycling through my Facebook memories, and this shared gem popped up:

Screenshot (74)

I think my former dance instructor was the one who initially shared it, and naturally, with my love of bad films, I was all too happy to share this one on my Facebook page too.

For some reason, I was led to believe this was the kind of movie Telemundo used to show on Sunday afternoons (you know, because channel 8 used to show Indian music videos on Sundays, so why not have some diversity on our dials?), but it’s actually not a Spanish film.

It’s a Turkish film.

The film in question is the 1973 Turkish film Kareteci Kiz (English: Karate Girl). The shooter is popular Turkish actress Filiz Akın, playing Zeynep.  Her target, antagonist Ferruh, is Bülent Kayabaş.

The clip that made it’s way around the interwebs was the shorter, to-the-ridiculous-point clip many are familiar with:

But, as it turns out, this isn’t the actual clip – it was edited to add in that ridiculous scream.

Here’s the actual clip, without the scream, but the goofy music and ridiculous acting are in tact. And it’s longer and still over-the-top!


The music is like standard-grade porno music (not that I know what porno music is like, but I’m convinced this is what it should sound like)., the acting is standard-grade Bad Film quality, and…if you watched it, you get the idea.

When I first saw this in 2014, I was dead-convinced the video was actually something Jimmy Fallon did for his late night talk show. Why I thought that, I’m not sure.

Screenshot (75)

No, really, I’m not sure why.

Still not sure.


But seriously, it’s hilariously bad. We’re not even sure if the first bullet actually hit him, but we know all the successors did. And what we see is the stuff of Bad Cinema Glory.

giphy (1).gif

And a glorious mustache. But are you shocked that I noticed this?  And a music sting that should be a requirement of every Bad Movie Death in existence? Truly the stuff of Bad Movie magic.

giphy (2)

Epic near-death stares? They belong in the same category too.

Screenshot (78).png

Try to watch a Bad Movie the same way.  You won’t.  I certainly haven’t!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday…I guess?

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