Daily Post Writing Prompt – Drawing A Blank (aka #sorrynotsorry)

Today’s prompt:

When was the last time your walked away from a discussion, only to think of The Perfect Comeback hours later? Recreate the scene for us, and use your winning line.

I’ve had this happen to me far too many times to count, and usually it was arguments I had with two ex boyfriends.  Except, in my case, the comebacks I came up with were days, weeks, and even years later (yes, true story – years!).  They would attack a perceived character flaw I have, and of course, I’m always either so frustrated I can’t stage a perfect comeback, or in the case of one boyfriend, was too afraid to do so.

I had an attack on yet another character flaw by someone at work recently, but this time, I had the perfect comeback…hours later.  When they told me to “dial back” my perkiness a little, I was very befuddled as to why I was told that.  Yes, I’m perky, but no, I wasn’t being over-the-top.  I take it sometimes people in less-than-good moods don’t want someone perky and bouncing around, but I wasn’t.  And why is it such a crime.  You’d think someone who was unhappy would be cheered up by someone in a good mood?  Well, let’s just say it ruined my day in the worst way possible.  Of course, that night, long after I’d been home from work, I came up with the perfect comeback:

“I’m not sorry for my apparent personality flaw.  I’m just sorry you don’t appreciate it.”

I know – it’s not the comeback of the century, but I’m a writer, the wordiness only comes natural.

Sorry, not sorry.

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