#FlashbackFriday Wants You To Shake That Body…Over Nail Polish

Early 90s dance music, neon clothes, big hair, early 90s clothing in general…

Must be #FlashbackFriday!

TGIF, readers!  We’ve made it to the end of the week.  By my account, it was a tad short, if only because Monday was a work holiday.

If you were here yesterday, you will remember that the theme this week is lady garments.  Ok, so technically, today’s nostalgic commercial is not about garments, but shows many lady garments, the accessory to the actual product advertised here.

Ladies and gentlemen, the perfect combination of 1990s clothing, hair, and dance music all come together in this 1992 Revlon ad that clearly speaks for itself, without saying too much at all.

No really, let the music and flashy images speak.

This commercial is the epitome of early 1990s fashion – neon, big hair, those clothes.  All of it is secondary to what you “dress” your hands with: Revlon Nail Enamel.

Screenshot (924)

One thing I love about the commercial is the use of “Shake Your Body,” which makes no sense whatsoever in a commercial about nail polish.  But who cares, it’s the 90s, shake everything!

Screenshot (923)

Show off those smoldering looks…and smoldering nails!

Screenshot (925)

And flash that winning smile.  Your nails are awesome.

Shake that body, indeed!

And there you have it, your Friday treat to ease you into the weekend.  Thanks for visiting, as always, and enjoy the music.  I know I do!

Have a great Friday!


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