The Daily Post Writing Prompt – Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star

Today’s Daily Post Writing Prompt:

When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? Are the two connected?

When I was ten years old (and in actuality, this goes back to when I was eight years old), I took dance class.  Granted, I wasn’t the greatest dancer, but I certainly tried.  At the time, In Living Color was a thing, so the Fly Girls, in my young mind, were the greatest thing ever.  And naturally, I wanted to be one of those early Hip Hop dancers.  You’d think at that age, I’d simply aspire to just be a better dancer like them, but nope, I aimed higher – I wanted to be them!  Specifically (and admitting this now pains me to the core), I wanted to be Jennifer Lopez.

I was young, forgive me.

So, connections….

Well, no my actual career – I’m an administrative professional at a non profit – is not even remotely connected to my young ambition, but up until a year ago, I was participating in an Adult-age level Hip Hop class, so for seven years, I actually did get to live my dream of being a Fly Girl, even if it wasn’t on the professional level.

A year later, I’m an out-of-dance, likely to be “retired” dancer, all thanks to a badly sprained ankle that was the result of my Fly Girl ambitions (and ignoring it for two months didn’t help).

So, rather than working on my “ambition” as a hobby, I’m merely writing about it.  And as I’ve worked on that, the more I’ve enjoyed writing!

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