#FlashbackFriday – Maximum Fluoride Protection!

Screenshot (35)

Taste the power of Maximum Fluoride Protection!

Happy Friday, fans and prospective fans…all five of you.  Well, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re awake, upright, and that you’ve made it to Friday.  If you’ve survived the week to this point, then consider yourself very lucky indeed.

Now, a very important question…did you brush your teeth today?  What type of toothbrush did you use? More importantly…does your toothpaste have the indomitable power of MAXIMUM FLUORIDE PROTECTION?

Why am I shouting?

This week’s installment of Flashback Friday takes us to – once again – 1986, and the magical skies of WMFP’s (not a real radio station) listening area, where everyone uses Colgate toothpaste and enjoys brushing their teeth with the indomitable power of MAXIMUM FLUORIDE PROTECTION!

Again, shouting. Why is that a thing?!

And yes, this is a Colgate commercial.  Because the competing station only uses Crest…and they don’t have MAXIMUM FLUORIDE…hey, wait, I’ll stop shouting, just come back!


Screenshot (33) Screenshot (38)

As a fictitious radio station, WMFP, drones on and on about the power of Colgate and the Colgate pump (as well as something else previously alluded to), we see happy people of the land the airwaves of WMFP dominate using Colgate for it’s Maximum Fluoride Protection and the power of its pump.

Screenshot (34) He loves it…

She loves it….

Screenshot (36)

Screenshot (41)

And junior almost forgot to brush…but how can he when he has the power of the Colgate pump and MAXIMUM FLUORIDE PROTECTION on his side?!

Screenshot (40)

To hear the power of WMFP as it comes loud and clear on your radio dial, simply click play below!

And there you have it, the power of Mint or Winterfresh Gel in the Colgate pump, ready to provide MFP!

Screenshot (35)

Oh come on, stop trying to run away, it’s over, I promise!

Screenshot (39)

Happy Flashback Friday to you, and don’t forget MAXIMUM…

I’m done, I’m done!

Have a great Friday!

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