#NFLFlashback Week 3: Random VHS Tape Find

It’s amazing what you find when it’s rainy, you’re totally by yourself all day, and have all the time in the world to do…well, nothing except go through the VHS collection.

For the record, I don’t have a DVD recorder anymore – it died a slow electronic death after 7 years of loyalty.

Week 3 is in full swing, and this week’s NFL Flashback takes us to – yes, I know – 1986, and the HBO show Inside the NFL.  I never even knew we had any of this on tape until I found it in my family’s recorded VHS collection some years ago.  Apparently, my parents started the VCR six minutes early, on the heels of taping HBO On Location – Robin Williams: Live at the Met.

Beginning at 3:56, everything else that aired on this particular night.

As the episode for the weekend of October 16, 1986 (Week 7) comes to a close, Nick and Len talk about their prediction records for last week (so far, Nick’s 9-5 is better than Len’s 6-8), and for the season (apparently, Nick knows how to pick ’em).

Then they go into their predictions for the Week 7:

Screenshot (54)

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings: Both for Da Bears

Screenshot (55)

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles: Both predict the Cowboys (nice to know nothing has changed!)

Screenshot (56)

Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Rams: Both for the Lions (as they said, they are playing the Rams)

Screenshot (57)

Green Bay Packers at Cleveland Browns: Both for the Browns.

Screenshot (58)

And how’s this for dating ourselves?  Houston Oilers at Cincinnati Bengals: Both for the Bengals.

Screenshot (59)

Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills: Both for the Bills.

So, are they ever going to disagree this week?

Screenshot (60)

Los Angeles Raiders at Miami Dolphins: They both feel the Dolphins have an advantage at home, but in the end, they both agree on the Raiders.

Screenshot (61)

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers: They like the Patriots. *shudder*

Screenshot (62)

New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks: They both pick the Giants.  Nice choice!  🙂  I won’t start waving my Giants fandom around, but yeah, this season. And this was actually the second – and last – game the Giants lost during the 1986 season

Screenshot (63)

St. Louis Cardinals (wow, I really am dating myself with this find!) at Washington Redskins: They just said that the Redskins will rebound…ohhhh.  Not like in week three of this season.

Screenshot (64)

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs: They like the Chiefs (very excitedly, it seems)

Screenshot (65)

San Francisco 49ers versus Atlanta Falcons: Both for he 49ers

Screenshot (66)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints: The Saints (seriously, no disagreement guys?)

Screenshot (67)

Denver Broncos at New York Jets: The Jets are obviously home this weekend, being that the Giants are in Seattle (seriously, a stadium of your own…look into it!), and Len and Nick…like the Broncos.  Because John Elway.  Yes, they mention his name. This was the week’s Monday Night Football game.

And for the record, they didn’t disagree on anything during this video.  Which proves they are either like-minded…or not Siskel and Ebert.

Screenshot (68)

More reasons they’re not Siskel and Ebert: Hair, no glasses, and this isn’t a movie theater.

As they wrap up their predictions, and the show, they close with the outtakes of one of those team end-of-the-year videos…this one from the Cleveland Browns (Len and Nick’s prediction was wrong, as the Browns lost to Green Bay).

Screenshot (69)

This is definitely the gem of the video (beginning at 3:11), and the Cleveland Browns engage in a He-Man/Hercules/I’m Not Entirely Sure What’s Going On Here .  It’s actually called “Masters of the Gridiron,” and was made in the spirit of “The Super Bowl Shuffle,” by the Chicago Bears, and…I found the video of it.

That will definitely be an upcoming NFL Flashback segment.

I have to.  I can’t not do something about it.

But for the here and now, pay witness to Len and Nick’s predictions and the outtakes from “Masters of the Gridiron.”  Just press play.

And there you have it, week 3 of Allison’s Written Words NFL Flashback.  Here’s to random VHS finds…

Screenshot (71)

…very random.

Screenshot (73)

…Oh so random.

Screenshot (74)

Seriously, this is going to be hilarious!


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