We Did!

Oh yes, we did!


So you’ve probably noticed the name change, from a single, very Italian last name, to a hyphenated very Italian last name, coupled with a very American sounding last name.

On June 15, 2019, my fiancee James and I became husband and wife, and I became Mrs. Allison Preston – officially recognized due to the marriage license now being filed, the work of an efficient officiant.  It was a beautiful, very intimate ceremony with 47 people in attendance.  Lots of dancing (including all the novelty dances, and a group of grown “adults” dancing to “Baby Shark” with the help of the kiddos in attendance), eating, and good times were had.  My friend/bridesmaid Heather took this lovely photo, and I look forward to seeing the photos from the day!


We’ve returned from our honeymoon in Las Vegas (with a second week of local activities to come), and I’m ready to get back into the swing of writing things.  So, starting tomorrow, new articles!

Have a great Saturday evening!


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