Hot #ThrowbackThursday Color Racers

A car that changes color in cold water?

Surely you can’t be serious?

Oh, but I am.

And you know what else I’m serious about?

The prospect of winning prizes if your color changing car reveals you are a winner!

When I had been looking at commercials featuring sweepstakes from the 1980s a few weeks back, I promised two more that I found. Well, I didn’t disappoint with the two others I found.

Today we’re travelling back to 1989 (contest ends January 2, 1989), and to a cool concept in car customization – dipping it in cold water!

But even cooler than car customization is what happens if your car reveals you’ve won a prize!

Up to three chances in each pack for this to happen, friends!

Hot Wheels Color Racers Sweepstakes ran until January 2, 1989, and offered up prizes if your car was a winner.

Prizes included a 20th anniversary Hot Wheels Gift Pack, a BMX Bike, a mini Mustang…or even a real Ford Mustang…that was not for you!

There were three chances in each pack to win, and of course, there was an address to get more information!

Hot Wheels cars were first introduced by Mattel in 1968, the primary competitor of Matchbox until Mattel bought Tyco, the former owner of Matchbox, in 1997. Color Racers were introduced in 1988, in time for the toyline’s 20th anniversary.

The cars’ paint responded to hot or cold water, and several waves of vehicles were introduced over time – Automagic (Versions 1 and 2), Color Racers (Versions 1 and 2), Color FX, and Color FX Super Stampers. The wave this commercial specifically promoted was made between 1988 and 1990, with the line of color-changing vehicles running until 1995.

These days, Hot Wheels Color Racers run the gamut of pricing on the secondhand market, obviously relying on condition and the rarity of the vehicles. I saw a complete three pack on eBay for $114, and they looked to be in perfect condition.

My brother had Matchbox cars, Hot Wheels, and even Micro Machines. We played with them frequently, and my mom even still has them at her house. My six-year-old niece LOVES playing with the same cars her daddy loved as a little kid, and calls them “daddy’s cars.” She even asked me if I played with them too.

But of course I did! I had one of these, after all.

Image: Pinterest

As I was saying a few weeks ago, in regards to sweepstakes and giveaways, I always wonder about the people that won the prizes these commercials displayed. I always wonder if they’re reading these posts. It did happen with a Tang scooter contest commercial I talked about a few years ago. Did people ever win all the GoBots from Nestle Quik, or a trip to Hawaii because they ate SpaghettiOs?

Or did they ever send away for stuff because they saved up proofs of purchase?

That’s a story for another day…tomorrow!

Have a great Throwback Thursday!


  1. I loved Hot Wheels cars and I do not remember these at all. I would have been bugging my parents for them if I had known about them.

    Liked by 1 person

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