You’ll Find So Much More For Your Sweetheart, at a #FlashbackFriday Near You!

Because nothing says sweetheart, nostalgia, and “Be Mine” quite like Allison’s Written Words on a Flashback Friday!

On the Flashback Friday before the day of hearts and love, there is the hope that we have everything we need to gift to that special Valentine, be it your spouse, your child, you spouse and your child, or someone else that’s very special, like your parents. Yes, parents. When I was single, I gave them Valentine gifts, as did they when my brother and I were growing up, and even after I was an adult and still living with them. As a kid, it was usually a toy, but as a teenager and adult, it was candy and something small that we would enjoy (movies, gift cards).

One thing my mom always has done an amazing job of was picking out the perfect cards, and her gifts were always meaningful. One year, she got my Ferrero Roche, after we had been talking about them. I LOVE Ferrero Roche, and chocolate in general, so even those little boxes of chocolate make me super happy. My husband and I enjoy exchanging for Valentine’s Day as well. I’ve gotten some cool (candy-related) stuff from him, but he really loves picking out special gifts with meaning. We got engaged three days after Valentine’s Day in 2018, which is definitely the greatest Valentine’s Day gift I ever got!

Today’s commercial comes to us from the archives of 1999, and reminds of all the perfect gifts one can pick out for their loved ones – be it candy, candles, fragrances, plushies, plushies with candy, and even a Hallmark card (or two!). All of it is set against a old timey-type song about finding so much more for your sweetheart, at a pharmacy retail store near you…specifically, Walgreens!

It’s all so late 90s and awesome!

Upload via Nostalgic Wizard

Nothing says “keep the love light glowing” like candles and discount fragrances!

White Diamonds always bought Elizabeth Taylor luck, why wouldn’t it for you?\

Don’t forget, Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and…hey, that’s Valentine’s Day this year too! But seriously, don’t forget to buy something for your sweetheart. Walgreens will be there to help.

Just tell ’em the Bear with Glowing Cheeks summoned you.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, a great weekend, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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