#FlashbackFriday Made By Pequenos Keebleros

Like tortilla chips, but hate the heaviness of tortilla chips?

Do they weigh you down?


Don’t let that happen – turn to some famous marketing mascots, their tree factory, and their latest creation in today’s commercial from 1988!


In a commercial not made by Pequenos Keebleros!

Mmm, light and airy tortilla chips!


Suncheros were one in a line of chip-like snacks made by Keebler in the 1980s (remember Pizzarias, O’Boises, and Tato Skins?) that saw their popularity rise, peak, and decline from the 1980s through the 1990s.


Now, while I’ve heard of the latter three, Suncheros eluded me.  I was young, and didn’t have the purchasing power in the 1990s to have sought these out, but in my family tortilla chips were Tostitos, and nothing else.

Suncheros came in several flavors – Original, Salsa, and Nacho. Beyond that, it is hard to find how long the “pequenos keebleros” made tortilla chips. Their other varieties of chips seemed to phase out sometime during the 1990s, so I’ll assume the same about Suncheros.

I do like this commercial – full of catchy visuals and an even catchier jingle – “made by pequenos keebleros!”

Even the guy with the “heavy” chips agrees!

He’s down there.  Just throw him a Sunchero or two.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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