TGI #FlashbackFriday: The American Bistro

The dance of Flashback Friday is about to begin, so get out on the floor and give it a spin!

And what a dance it is!  It takes us all the way back to…1986!

Like I said yesterday, I’m not sure how I’ve overlooked the posting of this commercial block.  I’ve posted others like it, and several commercials from it, but never the entire block.  Same thing as last Friday, not sure how I’ve overlooked these blocks.  They are among the oldest in my archives, added to my earliest videos in early 2008.

This recording actually is not my own – it was done by an old boyfriend’s mother (the previously mentioned “She of the Super Random Recording”), taped approximately July 26, 1986, during a rerun of Saturday Night Live.  Apparently, that summer was more about showing reruns from the 1984-1985 season than the then-previously 1985-1986 season.  I’d say it was because that earlier season was actually good by comparison, but they did mix in some then-current season reruns.

I was given this tape (among others) to copy for my collection.  Yes, I’ve been doing this for a long time – 2007, to be exact.  I spent a whole rainy afternoon on a day off (when everyone was working) going through every videocassette in the living room, looking for goodies.

This was given to me to copy in early 2008, and my archives have only grown from these early recordings.

Included in this block…

The film equivalent of the then-current season of Saturday Night Live.  As embarrassing as you’d expect it to be!


Pre-Moonlighting Bruce Willis!


That ice cream sundae…


Picture of a light!


This reminder…


…but the day belongs to Flashback Friday.

We’ve got the three men who promise a fast oil change…




Joe Isuzu as Joe Friday…


Roller coasters!


And that dance mentioned at the beginning of the article.  This was actually the shorter version of a very funky jingle featured previously. (#ThrowbackThursday – This Night Calls for Lowenbrau!)


I still think the guy sounds like a Muppet.

We’ve got promos for upcoming movies, shows, products, services, all with a 1986 style.  The night isn’t the only thing with a beat of its own.

So, get on the video watching and give it a spin! Press play!

And now that I’ve successfully shared all of my earliest archived material from 1986, I need to see what else I’ve forgotten to share.

I may even surprise myself.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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