The #ThrowbackThursday of Randomness

Because there isn’t enough of this on the site!

The scenario: you set up the VCR and videocassette to record a television show or movie, but seemingly “forget” you did, and start clicking through the channels. You eventually make your way back to what you recorded, but not content to rest on those laurels, off you go again, clicking around.

The result of your handiwork?  Eleven minutes (and change) of random recordings from various channels.

I had originally featured today’s video as a part of an article on Retroist during the summer of 2016.  With all of those articles no longer available for access, I had this video just sitting around on YouTube, collecting internet dust.

It was prime for a Throwback/Flashback mention.

I had a boyfriend at one time (we broke up in the summer of 2008), who gave me a bunch of videocassettes to look at and copy the contents to (at the time) DVD-R discs.  The video was a bunch of Home Improvement episodes that were airing at the end of the 1994-1995 season, with a Thunder Alley episode and a little bit of Ellen thrown in for good measure.  But it was during one episode of Home Improvement that whoever had access to the remote took advantage of it, and what happened was the aforementioned eleven minutes and change of commercials, public access, Home Shopping Club 2, QVC, a local high school baseball game, and Prevue Guide.

Oh yes.

The recording was done in May of 1995 (Edit 6/25/2020: this part of the tape was from May 1995, another part of the footage from the same video has recordings from late April and early May 1995), and the cable company was Jones Intercable (now Comcast) of Turnersville, New Jersey, but was recorded in Atco, New Jersey.

Included in this interesting smattering, which is the best way to describe everything in this video…

Trucks with a “new attitude!”


Why rent it?  You got it!  Pay-per-view!

(No, that commercial isn’t on this video.  This clip doesn’t even last more than five seconds!)


Real estate listings, and the agents that sell those houses!

Who doesn’t love Tom Duffy and his multiple poses, or Jack Yerkes and his eyebrow?  That sells houses!



Love for mashed potatoes…




Local baseball…


…whatever this is?


More shopping!


We can confirm what time this was happening at, and more than likely that this was somewhere around May 17, 1995.


Greensboro, North Carolina…you’re on!


All that, and a few more surprises!


So naturally, you’ve seen what happens when the “clicking around” happens, but there was plenty of stuff that happened before the clicking around.

That’s another video for another time…like Flashback Friday!

Have a great Throwback Thursday!


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