Make It A #ThrowbackThursday Night

How about a commercial block for your Throwback Thursday?

No, this is not an attempt at laziness, but merely an attempt at knowing how well these giant commercial blocks go over, and how much I enjoy watching them on YouTube.  They make my treadmill time go faster, and there is always something nice about the comfort of products, services, and promos of days gone by.

The commercials in this block were taped on Friday, June 1, 2001 from WCBS 2 (New York’s CBS station) during Late Show With David Letterman.  I didn’t normally watch Letterman (I was a Leno fan), unless someone I really liked was appearing as a guest.  Jimmy Fallon was the guest that night, so there was a reason to record the episode.


Super cute, wouldn’t you say?  I still can’t believe the nervous laugher on Saturday Night Live would one day be a good talk show host.  Who still laughs nervously, but by this point, we know this is his thing, and who are we to stop him?

That interview is not included here (I’m not uploading it, please don’t request it), but  included among the goodies in this block…

Incentives to meet Big Bird…


A promo for a show premiering that fall that you probably don’t remember.


I checked – only five of the nine episodes produced aired on CBS, before UPN finished airing it in the spring of 2002.

But moving away from depressing stuff…remember when Mr. Bill was a spokesperson for Ramada?  He clearly was targeting kids, but wasn’t this more adult-oriented when Mr. Bill was on Saturday Night Live?




Who’s the black private dick whose movie is now on video and DVD?


Can you dig it?

Right on right on!  You know what else I can dig…


Watch out Wendy’s, 7-Eleven has FREE CHILI…and FREE CHEESE! I mean, it comes on a hot dog, but they have it!

Hey, it’s the Sprint Cell Phone Guy, with another phone some are ready for!


Remember a day when watching videos on the internet actually looked like this?


Hey kids!  We only had 2000 free minutes on our cell phone plans in 2001, and we could only use them on the weekend!


We’ve got movie previews, commercials for products and services that don’t even exist anymore, and so much 2001 goodness.  I love how 90s the early 2000s managed to look in commercial form.  Perhaps you agree with me?  Either way, this is a good collection of commercials, ripe for the Throwback Thursday picking!


Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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