#ThrowbackThursday, Right In My Hand!

Do you think they’re ready?

Technology, even in the last few years, has made major leaps and bounds. So it cracks me up to watch commercials featuring technology at some other phase of its life.  I’ve laughed at everything from computers with giant monitors, commercials plugging “portable” video cameras, Pentium processors, and ginormous cell phones that were ridiculously cutting edge for their time.  I remember a time when this technology was either non-existent, or not what it is today.

Today’s commercial from the archives is an example of technology that is definitely not what it is today, but was so mind-blowingly awesome for its time.

Today’s commercial comes to us from 1999, on the verge of the new millennium, with all the hopes and dreams of technology that the future will bring.  Cell phones were coming into predominance, but aesthetically and performance-wise, they may as well have been a totally different product when compared to their modern-day counterparts.

In this commercial, for Sprint PCS, we delve into the world of mystery men carrying briefcases of Internet-capable Sprint PCS cell phones…

…and the Sprint spokesman whose mind is blown by the capabilities of this advanced piece of phone call awesomeness!

So advanced!!!!

Are you ready for this?  Click play and find out!

Well, were you ready for this?


Some are, others will follow.


And Sprint PCS will lead the way…for a little while longer.

Seriously, not much longer.

But the phones?  They only get better.

And there you have it – 1990s technology at its growing finest.  What will tomorrow bring?

Well, tomorrow is Flashback Friday, so you’ll find out then.

Are you ready for this?


You’ll follow.


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