Allison’s Written Words Five Year #ThrowbackThursday Retrospective!

We’re celebrating five years of nostalgia by being nostalgic!

I  find it hard to believe that it really has been five years, but here we are, reaching a milestone.

When I was coming up with ideas for what to do to celebrate this, I figured it would be a fun time to talk about my first (and longest-running) feature!

Now, Throwback Thursday hasn’t been part of the blog from the jump, but it has been around the longest (slightly longer than Flashback Friday), starting in the first few months of the blog’s WordPress life.  The idea of featuring commercials each week came naturally to me – it is a subject/medium that I love dearly, and have so much of in my video collection.  Why not capitalize on that?

I put together this 20-minute retrospective, featuring commercials I used during the earliest days of Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday.  There’s no sound on the commercials, but I figured it would be fun to talk about what makes this feature tick, the creative process of picking commercials, and so on and so forth, while showing some of the stuff I’ve featured in the past.

I was planning on doing something for Throwback Thursday separate of this, but I this was fun, and hey, why not celebrate once in a while?

Flashback Friday will be along tomorrow, and it promises to be fun and nostalgic.

Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday!

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