5 Years!

Allison’s Written Words has reached a milestone!

5 Years

I find it hard to believe that 5 years ago, on May 13, 2015, Allison’s Written Words moved over to WordPress.  I didn’t know if it was a good idea to shift my blog from one platform to another, but it has paid off!

I wouldn’t be here without the support of my readers and followers, so thank you for your continued presence here – it is much appreciated!



  1. Congratulations!! That’s awesome! Very happy for you. 5 years is a long time to continuously do this and your articles are always great and I always enjoy them. Here’s to 5 more!

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  2. Congratulations on being on WordPress for five years! I started my blog on WordPress on August 24, 2019 … and, last Summer, my blog turned five years old. Your blog is fun to read. I like some of the topics that you talk about … and I would like to say thank you for allowing me to tell you my little story as a comment on some of your posts. Please keep up the good work!

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