Day-To-Night #FlashbackFriday

We girls can do anything, like convert our business power suit to evening wear!

Ah 1985.  The era of fitness and aerobics got Barbie into workout gear and onto an exercise bike and participating in Leg Day.  It was the “We girls can do anything!” era for Barbie, and that even included becoming a professional woman.

At this time, Mattel created a Barbie doll that celebrated the women’s workplace revolution, with an outfit that screamed “Serious Business Lady,” but with the usual charms of Barbie during, well, every era.

What are those charms of being Barbie, you ask?

Allow the video to show you!

From work chic to…ballroom goddess?

Honestly, isn’t this weekend wear in most cases?

Every night after 5 pm in Barbie’s world is a Saturday, darling.

And is that a cell phone?!


Even the kid is like “Oooh, Barbie is so technologically forward!”


The doll has been reproduced for an adult collector audience by Mattel, sold for $29.99 and replicated perfectly, right down to that amazing 1980s women’s power suit (in pink, of course).

There was also a Day-to-Night version of Ken, complete with 1980s Power Suit that changes to fancy tuxedo.  This doll was produced in 1984, and unfortunately, has not been reproduced for adult collectors.  He is available on Amazon for $54, if you feel empowered to re-enact a Barbie and Ken 1985 Night On The Town.

Screenshot (159)
Image: Amazon
Screenshot (160)
Image: eBay

I did not have this Barbie.  I wasn’t huge on Barbie, but alot of the ones I had wore more casual, fun outfits.  This one is more impressive to me as an adult, if for the nostalgia of the work outfit.

Barbie has always managed to re-invent, and in the 1980s, women were reinventing by going back to work.  Progress was being made in the real world, and Barbie added that feather to her perfectly placed hat.  We don’t know what she did for a living, but we know she did it with Pepto-Type Pink Perfection and incredible hair.


And then she celebrated her successes by going out on the town.

We girls could do anything…like Barbie of the working world!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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