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Since the beginning time – and not the pandemic – cleanliness has always been a good thing.

This week, we’re keepin’ it clean with products that make your house sparkle, and your inanimate objects happy.

Today, we focus on kitchen countertops (though I’m sure this product can be used for more than that), as we journey back to 1991.

But apparently, this one is harsh.

In the face of pandemic (or blueberry stains – this is 1991 problems, after all), why use a harsh cleaner…


…when you can use a softer approach?


What makes an inanimate countertop happy with the sparkling cleanliness of a not-so-harsh product?

Click play to find out!

A cleaner so soft, so non-abrasive, so not harsh, it literally flings away the competition!


I’m pretty sure these cleaners don’t have hallucinogens that make you see how happy they are.  And in 1991, there is no need for a disclaimer that says “countertop tiles do not actually move on their own.”


Soft Scrub still exists, with products that focus on kitchen, bathroom, and overall home cleanliness.  Going beyond gentle cleaners, there are cubes to drop in the toilet tank, a cleaner that attaches to the rim of the toilet, toilet bowl cleaners, and multi-surface cleaners.  They remove germs, soap scum, ring around the toilet (which is just as dreaded as “ring around the collar,” wouldn’t you say?), and come in Oxi, Bleach, and Multi-Purpose formulas.

Soft Scrub is currently manufactured by Henkel North American Consumer Goods (the “doing business as” name for Dial Corporation), which also manufactured the wonderful commodity known as Dial soap, as well as laundry detergents All, Persil, Purex, Surf, Dry Idea and Right Guard deodorants, Snuggle Fabric Softener, and various hair care products.

But what I wonder – do countertops still prefer Soft Scrub?


Well, when they’re flinging away thinly-disguised cans of Comet, then probably!

Tomorrow on Flashback Friday, the we’re continuing to keep it clean, with another commercial from the archives that focuses on keeping those clothes clean!

I cannot wait to talk about what I picked for tomorrow. This one is a classic!

Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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