The #FlashbackFriday Lifter, That’s All!

Remind me again about why I don’t want kids again?

Oh yeah, that’s right, I hate having to do my own laundry, and my laundry isn’t stinky and dirty.

So I really don’t want to have to…

Oh ew.  Clean it up.  The kid, just clean him up!

Yeah, like I said, my own clothes aren’t dirty aside from the normal environmental factors of everyday life.  But THIS is dirty!

Anyway, we’re setting the archives back to 1989 (after spending some time with 1992 Mom pitting her twins’ dirty shirts against each other for the sake of testing Bleach Alternative versus the featured brand) for this quite memorable commercial about mama’s little stain magnet.

We’ve got a cute little boy, who loves making cute little messes.  All over his favorite jeans.

But his mama has a solution for her little stain magnet…

Click play, and discover the magic of stains magically lifting away, thanks to some mystery product.


No, not Calgon.  There’s no ancient Chinese secret here, but good old-fashioned laundry detergent!

This is some intense stuff for a six-year-old.  I used to believe this is what happened in the washing machine!

The result of using All?


Clean jeans, of course!

And a kid that can go on and be a kid…and get dirty.  Because All will be there!


That’s All!

All (sold by Sun Products since 2008), is part of a group of detergents (Sun, Surf, Wisk, Snuggle, and Sunlight) created by Huish Detergents Inc. in 1975.  It comes in many formulas (sensitive skin, regular, Oxi), forms (liquid, powder, and mighty pacs), and strives to compete for your consumer dollars.


I remember this commercial well – it always seemed to be around.  I used to find the stain lifting away from the clothing intriguing.  Not sure why, but laundry detergent had this way of creating the awesomely false believe that stains just glob together and lift away from clothing like a sheet of paper.

I’m not cynical or full of hopes and dreams.  Not at all!

See what I did there?

Well, there you have it, another solution for clean clothes, and a kid who refuses to keep them clean!


Well, two down, and the bonus episode to go.  Tomorrow, be sure to swing by for a Saturday surprise in our laundry detergent theme week.

Can you handle all the cleanliness?!

Find out tomorrow!

That’s All!


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