It’s Time to Remember The #ThrowbackThursday!

…And the magic.  Lest we forget the magic!

Keeping one’s chin up during our current circumstances is difficult.  I get it – I’m not working at the moment, a temporary measure meant for my safety, and that of the ones I love.  Social distancing and self-quarantining is tough.  I’ve handled it better than most, losing track of time writing and creating vinyl decals.  I know I’ll go back to work as soon as I’m able, and soon enough (we hope) all of the tough stuff (or, at least, this) will be a crappy memory.

I seriously hope that happens soon.

While I’m working to do my part and “flatten the curve,” I found something that will definitely make more than few 80s/90s kids happy…VHS previews!

We need stuff like this, folks.

Today’s Throwback Thursday is from 1996, with previews and commercials from the 1996 print of Toy Story, Disney’s first collaboration with Pixar (and not their last).  Animation like this movie were never seen before, as were were used to more traditional 2D animation.  To be honest, this movie actually has aged pretty well (I just watched all four movies recently), and advances in technology that brings these movies to life has improved so much, that by the time the fourth movie came out, it looks even more amazing.

The VHS copy of this movie came out around the time Walt Disney World was celebrating its 25th Anniversary (my family went during this time, in March/April 1997), and we bought this movie right when it came out on video in the fall of 1996.  We watched it as a family, and even a little over 23 years later, I still remember the commercial at the beginning of the video – it was on television alot during the 25th anniversary.

So, all of that said…

Life goals to go to Disney World!


That time my mom cried seeing Cinderella’s castle.


I’m dead serious.  Woman was a mess at Magic Kingdom that day.

The scariest screenshot of Glenn Close I could have ever taken.  And not because she was playing Cruella.


Ah yes, one of the Disney movies I was “too cool” to see in 1997.


Disney Interactive video games and software.


Guess who wasn’t “too cool” to get the Toy Story Super Nintendo game for Christmas in 1996?

Cartoons I was way too cool for!


I babysat on Saturday mornings, and we watched movies!

Coming to home video in the spring of 1997…but purchased in 1989 during the “Classics” release era.  Optimus Prime and Littlefoot’s mom’s deaths are the only traumatic deaths you’ve witnessed in your childhood.


But honestly, trailer, don’t tell the kiddos about it.

And finally, after eleven minutes of waiting, which was forever when we were kids…


We look back on this so fondly as adults, but as kids, we were hitting fast forward just to get to the good stuff!

So, there you have it – commercials, previews, all leading up to the movie!

Tomorrow on Flashback Friday, I’m going to explore one of my other Disney VHS tapes from the 1990s (albeit slightly edited) from the equally nostalgic year of 1999, the third and final year I went to Disney with my family.

There’s a bit of personal nostalgia in this one too, but that’s another story for another time.  Like tomorrow!

Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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  1. Fantastic post! I remember seeing a lot of these commercials and trailers on my copy of the “Toy Story” VHS. I like the “Feature Presentation” logo that appeared between the previews and the movies that went with them. The music that went with it was fantastic. Mark Elliot did a fantastic job in saying, “And now, our feature presentation” … and Beau Weaver, who said those words here, did a fantastic job in saying them as well.

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