More Vinyl Creations!

No work? No problem, I’ve got plenty to do!

I voluntarily took a day off on Friday, not knowing it would be my last day for at least a week.  Most people would be unhappy about this, but I like a healthy work-life balance.  I love being at work, but I also love time that I can spend on my hobbies.  It keeps me busy while my husband is working.

I could tell you about how I washed my home office floor with Pine Sol this morning (I did!), but that would detract from the excitement of showing off my new vinyl projects.

But hey, you want to see my home office, right?

Remember the den I used to inhabit?  I loved that giant space, but this room is bright, cheerful, and not over a breezeway that kept the room at a balmy 50 degrees in December.

And hey, I washed the floor this morning!

Anyway, you didn’t come to see my office – I mean, you got to see it – but you really want to see my vinyl creations, right?


There’s a mix tape…


I removed the letters – I figured out a better way to add lettering to things.  The tape is unmarked, which sounds like pretty much everyone’s collection.

And behold, the marker that I am an Avenger.


If I ever decide to make vinyls for the purpose of selling, I would make this in all Avengers colors.  I made this one in gray because, well, Thor.

My first experiment with making multi-colored vinyl.

Who you gonna call?


And my second experiment.  This popped in my head a few hours after I made the Ghostbusters logo, and quite frankly, I knew it would be perfect for a vinyl creation.

Here I was thinking I made the perfect “Reverse Batman” logo, and a friend informed me that it was, in fact, Batgirl.


It’s good to have friends that know things.  My husband didn’t even tell me this, and he knows his Batman stuff!

Just because we’re social distancing, which unfortunately may mean no Easter celebration, I’m still going to decorate for the holiday.  I found this template for Peeps, and I made a few marshmallowy friends out of vinyl.

I have a bay window in my living room that will look great!


My best friend Amie loves dolphins, of which she has many in her home decor.  In my ongoing attempt to make multi-colored vinyl creations, I made this cutie.

She loves it.  And when there is no more social distancing, I will gladly give this to her.


The culmination of my work in multi-colored vinyls, I found this template on Cricuit Access and decided to “think summer” (don’t let the 48-degree Southern New Jersey weather fool you, summer is only three months away!).  It isn’t perfect, but it looks great and was a great attempt!

As soon as I have more vinyl, I will definitely be making more flip flops in different colors as window decor!


And finally…


A tale as old as time, now in vinyl.  Again, if I ever do decide to try to sell my creations, I would also make this in blue.  Yellow really does cheer up a gloomy day though!

I found some more vector graphics, and I’m planning to find more ideas on Cricut Access.  Perhaps I’ll have a few new creations next week?  We shall see!

Have a great day!


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