A #FlashbackFriday Life

…is one you’d love to have, right?

In these troubled times, yes.  Yes we would.

Yesterday, we remembered the magic of 1996 during Walt Disney World’s 25th Anniversary, while watching upcoming previews for Disney movies, as featured on the 1996 print of Disney/Pixar’s first effort, Toy StoryToday, we move forward to 1999, with Disney/Pixar’s first VHS print of A Bug’s Life.

My family bought this movie after coming home from our Disney World vacation in April 1999, the last one we took as a family.  I’ve been back several times since then – 2002 with my friend Kristin, 2007 with my mom for a “girls’ weekend,” and most recently in October 2019 for my honeymoon/37th birthday/husband’s first visit (he grew up 90 minutes from Anaheim, so he went to Disneyland, which I’ve been to twice, and love!).

My family went to Animal Kingdom during our 1999 visit (we were in Disney in March/April 1997, and Animal Kingdom didn’t open until exactly a year later), and went to a show called “It’s Tough to Be a Bug!” (it’s still there), which featured characters from A Bug’s Life, and a special surprise before you leave the theater.  I won’t give it away – unless you’ve been on it, you know what happens 😉 – but my extended family on my mom’s side (her aunt, uncle, their five children, and all their grandchildren – I think there were six at the time – there’s ten now) went a month after we did, and we told them to see the show, without letting slip about the surprise.

After we got home, we bought this video, and I loved the movie.  Admittedly, I’ve only seen it once – ironically, during the “cool” phase of my teen years, but it was cute!

Included on the print of this video…

One of many cartoons that inspired a Disney ride…

Screenshot (126)


Screenshot (127)

One of a few Disney movies I still haven’t seen…

Screenshot (129)


Screenshot (130)

Tina from Movie Surfers (remember that?) talks Tarzan and the music behind it!

Admittedly, I haven’t seen this one (no interest), but I love the music.  I was big on Phil Collins in high school!

I did edit something out of this collection – there was a short film by Pixar that was an Academy Award-winner featured before the movie, but I pulled it out of this clip and instead, will feature it in…a bonus episode!  That will be posted tomorrow!

On a personal level, it makes me feel good to provide this kind of entertainment for all of you in a time where we’re worried about the state of the world, the countries we live in, even keeping our own families and above all, ourselves, healthy and safe.  My biggest priority has been the health and safety of myself, my husband, and my family.  Without all of them, I have nothing.  Likewise, without you, my work wouldn’t have the minor impact it has built up recently.  So, thank you for humoring me and actually reading – it makes me feel good to know that I have a fanbase/readership.  It makes writing for myself – and you – feel like the best thing I could do.  We all have our outlets for keeping sanity.  This is part of my sanity!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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