#MusicMonday – March 2, 2020

March is not barely breathing, it could find the air.  However, that aired flows through a day called Monday, so it is trying to make the best of it.

Suppose its worth the price, worth the price, the price that I would pay.

So, if you visited Allison’s Written Words’ Facebook page last night, you probably saw the announcement, which is rare for Music Mondays.  As are themes.  Now, I usually cover themes for holidays or if I’m going to concerts.  Or, if I’ve just been to a concert.  Music Monday choices are usually just “ooh, I like that song, I’m going to write about it.”

This month was about that, and also because I thought about the mid 1990s, specifically 1995-1997, and how much I really started to take notice of the music on the radio station.  Even though I’ve always loved music, it was mid 1990s adult contemporary and alternative that really made me listen.  These songs found their way on the Top 40/alternative station I listened to around that time, and had some crossover on the lite rock station I still listen to on occasion.

It was all inspired by today’s song, which I figured was appropriate enough to kick the whole thing off!

So, as I was saying, I don’t know who I’m kidding…but I’m glad that you care.  Because in this song, someone doesn’t.

“Barely Breathing” was the 1996 debut single for Duncan Sheik, from his eponymous debut album. Released on November 12, 1996, the single was his breakout hit.  If you listened to Top 40 or Adult Contemporary in the mid-1990s (1996-1998), you probably heard this song alot.  Overplayed, possibly, but I LOVED this song when it was released.  I was in eighth grade when it was released, so I didn’t really know it was about the end of a relationship (or that it was close to ending).  Something about songs in the mid-1990s that focused on depressing topics like breakups or living a semi-charmed life (which was one long drug and sex reference) were so darn upbeat.

At least, I think it seems upbeat, if only because the protagonist in the song realizes the bitch did him wrong.

“Barely Breathing” reached #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 (#18 year ending 1997), and #2 on the Billboard Adult Top 40.  Upon entering the Billboard Hot 100, “Barely Breathing” stayed for 55 weeks. At the time, it was the fourth-longest charting single on that chart.  VH1 ranked 88 of the 100 “Greatest Song of the 1990s,” as well as #8 on their Greatest One-Hit Wonders of the 1990s list.  Sheik was nominated for a Grammy in 1997, and won a BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) award for Most Played Song in 1997.

Take that, Hanson!

Despite this impressive rep for his debut single, Sheik didn’t really make an impact beyond “Barely Breathing.”  These days, he enjoys a career of composing songs for musicals, plays, and movie soundtracks.  He has released albums beyond his debut, the most recent in 2015, but none of them have made the impression that his debut album and single made.

I’d say none of the other albums or songs could “find the air,” but I’m thinking that over…anyway.

Yeah, I know.  You see it all too clear.

I’m done!

Have a great Monday, and enjoy the 90s music!


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